What’s Included

In addition to our liquid nutrition program, supplements, colonics and digestive release massage treatments, the following is included in ALL PLANS. No need to book. 
Simply walk in to participate or use equipment as available!

EDUCATIONAL, MOVEMENT & SPIRITUAL CLASSES Our classes are an integral part of the We Care Spa Program. They offer tips, tools and practices for creating profound and sustainable lifestyle changes.


We Care core concepts are taught by our founder Susana Belen and/or one of her protégés. 

·     We Care Philosophy – 7 Steps to Rejuvenation and Health 

·     Tips For Healthy Digestion 

·     Easy Choices, Profound Changes 

·     Shopping for Healthy Foods/Kitchen Organization 

·     Cooking Class 

·     Transforming from Fasting to Solid Foods 


Orientation and opening circle are where you’ll become familiar with the program and set intentions.


Explore methods for deepening your spiritual path.

“Spiritual practices help us move from identifying with the ego to identifying with the soul.” –Ram Dass


Open your body, clear your mind and lighten your spirit


We encourage using our special breathing/walking technique to increase delivery of oxygen to your brain, nourish your cells and enhance detoxification as you meander through the beautiful walking paths that wind through our spectacular desert landscape. In addition, please take advantage of our carefully selected equipment:

·     Mini Trampolines 

·     Healthy Swing Machines 

·     VibraTrims 

·     Slant Boards 

·     Far-infrared Saunas

·     Pools and Hot Tubs

·     Peloton Bike

·     Eucalyptus Steam Room


Nature beckons from all directions on our grounds, which were designed for your journey inward. 

MEDICINE WHEEL– Powerful for creating direction and spiritual balance in your life. 

THE PYRAMID– Meditating in a pyramid structure increases energy and flow. 

THE LABYRINTH– Set your intention and create a sacred space for change inside this ancient symbol, relating to wholeness.

THE FLOATING BED– Privately meditate on this gently rocking outdoor bed to reach a deeper level of relaxation. Scientifically proven to provide better health, wellness, relaxation, and sleep quality. Gently rock away anxiety, stress and insomnia. 

FIRE PIT CEREMONY– Join in this sunset event where we gather around the fire and through the practice of ancient rituals, welcome the opportunity for spiritual release and transformation.

FAR-INFRARED SAUNA– Allow this completely safe form of naturally occurring energy to travel deep into your body, strengthen your immune system, and enable a form of detoxification that helps rid the body of fat. 

EUCALYPTUS STEAM ROOM– Breathe in the healing of this ancient herb, known for its ability to open nasal pathways and dilate airways to build up your immunity and create anti-aging health benefits.