When We Care Spa founder Susana Belen found herself divorced with 4 children, consumed by anxiety and fear, overwhelmed by anger and frustration, she began searching. Searching for answers, for a new way of life. 

Step by step, she found practices that left her feeling strong and vibrant, sorting through and discarding the fluff. Through intense study and practice, she totally reformed her relationship to food and nutrition. She tapped into her body’s natural vitality with yoga and exercise. Susana met inspiring teachers and incredible healers, each giving her another tool for total well-being, another piece of the holistic health puzzle. 

Through these years of exploration, research, and learning, a vision of holistic health began to slowly take form in her mind. And then, following a breakthrough experience at a detox retreat center in Mexico that specialized in all-liquid cleansing diets, she realized how it all fit together.

Detoxification. Full-spectrum liquid nutrition. Yoga and Meditation. Emotional Healing and Well-Being. Spiritual Connection. 

Each piece supports and reinforces the others. The synergy created by each piece practiced together holds incredible potential for a full life transformation and deep healing far beyond any of them practiced individually. 

Her mission was not just heal and transform lives, but also to educate and empower. Giving people not just the experience, but the knowledge and tools for an integrated and sustainable life of health, beauty, peak performance, and purposeful living.

We Care Spa Desert Healing Retreat
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WE CARE SPA - 2021
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We Care Spa Desert Healing Retreat


Susana is living, breathing proof of We Care Spa’s methods—her entire being vibrates with passion for teaching and empowering each and every one of her guests. 

Everything offered at We Care Spa comes directly out of Susana’s own experience. She personally uses all the drinks, receives all the treatments, uses the different machines… she practices everything she preaches. 

And her boundless, radiant vitality and shining eyes are the proof.

At 83 years old, she has more energy and mobility than people half her age. She dances Tango, practices yoga, teaches most of the classes, and walks several miles per day. With the same vital statistics that she had at 20 years old, Susana is a role model of how to life life fully and vibrantly.


While Susana planted the seeds of We Care, her daughter Susan added the nutrients necessary to make it grow and flourish.

As her mother was immersed in healing and health, Susan forged herself a successful career in the jet-setting fashion worlds of Manhattan and Paris. The fast-paced life was exciting, but burning the candle at both ends took its toll and Susan eventually found herself with an urgent life-threatening health crisis.

With her life at a crossroads, she turned to her mother for help. Susan says, “That’s when my mother, the Gandhi of Good Health, kicked into high gear. And I acquiesced to her every demand. She’d make it, I’d drink it, and the greener the better. After resisting so much of her advice for years, I was clay in her hands. There’s a particular chapter in my own story that I’ve never shared publicly…until now. You see, there’s no better way for me to communicate the power of Susana Belen’s mission than to tell this tender tale of my own.”

Read Susan Lombardi’s story.

Our guests count on us to be their safe haven. Helping so many people change their lives. Seeing their smiles and feeling their gratitude. That makes it all worthwhile.

We Care Spa Desert Healing Retreat
We Care Spa Desert Healing Retreat


Each detail of We Care Spa is chosen with the utmost care and an eye for quality. This is especially reflected in our unbelievable staff, some of the most genuine, loving and highly talented people you will ever meet.

Our healers and health professionals are friends and partners in your We Care journey. They are like family and here to support you every step of the way, truly wanting to make sure each guest has a peaceful and healing experience, assuring all of their needs are met. Many of our repeat guests still request the same staff over and over again–a perfect reflection of our philosophy.

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