If you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, you’ll need to understand the toxins within you. In short, a toxin is anything that is poisonous to your body or your environment. For centuries it was easy to live a toxin-free life. For example, we knew to avoid poisonous flowers or inhaling smoke from fires.

Unfortunately, our modern society has inundated our lives with toxins: in everything from household cleaners, skincare products, and the food we consume. Consequently it has become near impossible to avoid these harmful particles and chemicals without mindful practices. However, learning these practices is simple and effective towards a clean lifestyle. When you eliminate toxins, you create a cleaner environment in the body that promotes good health.

The normal functioning of every cell produces toxic waste that needs to be released by the five organs of elimination — these are endotoxins. The chemical pollutions of the planet that get into our body are called exotoxins. Start by recognizing them, and avoid them as much as possible. By simply lowering your toxic load, you can do more to achieve good health and wellness than anything else.

The accumulation of chemicals and toxins in your body distorts the normal function of every cell, tissue and organ. The We Care program is centered on breaking down and releasing these toxins. This is accomplished on a cellular level through the process of “autophagy”. 

Think of autophagy like a recycling system: When parts of your cells stop working or are no longer needed, these parts can be broken down and reused by the functioning cells. When the cells are starved for energy, these extra parts can be used to create energy. Your body has over 75 trillion cells, with new ones being produced every second. With the process of autophagy through fasting, damaged cells get “eaten” and subsequently used to help the healthy ones.


Nutrient-dense liquid nutrition is a tremendous way to begin healing your body. By giving your system a break from traditional solid foods, you free up the energy required to break down and digest those foods. As a result, this extra energy can power the five organs of detoxification – skin, lungs, kidney, colon, and liver– allowing your body to release and remove waste and toxins.

Drinking nutrient rich foods in the form of liquid nutrition will flood your body with vital micronutrients. Then, it quickly absorbs these immune boosting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the bloodstream and delivers them where they are most needed. As a result not only will this increase the health of your body internally, but it will increase your energy, help facilitate weight loss, and improve the condition of your skin.

Our program includes nutritious drinks and supplements that contain ingredients like Spirulina, wheat grass, and barley. We also prepare carefully designed therapeutic teas, pureed vegetable soup and powdered fiber drinks. Natural laxatives that help loosen internal waste are incorporated into the program as well as colon hydrotherapy, which is the fastest way to flush out the waste that is released. Using all of these components, you begin to experience the benefits of our deep detoxification spa regimen.

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