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The odds were against the creation of We Care, but one star after another aligned perfectly to bring this little miracle into the world.

Like all of us, We Care Spa was born from one woman; a woman who had no inkling of the breadth and depth of her own power until she found herself at her very weakest. 

After nearly 20 years of marriage and a very traumatic divorce, she was left to raise three teenagers and a four year old by herself. At the time, she had no job, no family members nearby, and a very shallow grasp of the English language. Needless to say, she was wrought with emotional distress and her body showed it. She was holding on for dear life—and therefore holding on to everything… stress, pain, and even bodily waste. Desperate to at least assuage the dramatic constipation, she met with a local chiropractor who set her on a healing path involving: a liquid diet of juices and teas, plus a daily colonic. 

After two weeks, she was reborn.

Not only was her body suddenly functioning like a well-oiled machine, her spirit had lifted dramatically. Considering the emotional bombshell she’d just barely survived, she was in slack-jawed awe at her sudden transformation. This was the first star, beginning a miraculous alignment of We Care’s creation. How could fasting and colonics have such a profoundly positive effect on her entire being?She was suddenly hungry—and not because of the fasting. She was hungry for knowledge. She stumbled across The Mucusless Diet, a book that turned her cattle-ranch-raised, red-meat-eating self into a sworn vegetarian. She began devouring every book she could get her hands on, every workshop or seminar on nutrition she could take, every new perspective on health that challenged everything she thought she once knew.

Not long after, she was reborn again.

This time: as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, colon hydrotherapist, and interior designer (with a knack for color therapy). She’d not only finally become fluent in English, she became fluent in a collection of skillsets. She’d not only finally gotten a job, she got four in one fell swoop. See our second star? Sure, she still had days wracked with anxiety and fear of the future—after all, she was chasing a dream on faith alone, and it was a blurry dream that hadn’t even materialized quite yet…

Until a chanting spiritual retreat she attended in Montana—one she never would have found had she not invested herself into yoga. Behold the third star. There she had her first vision of We Care Spa: a sanctuary she must create to heal and educate friends, family, and strangers alike. She felt overwhelmed by the weight of its importance. But she had no money, and she had no space. So she taught free classes anywhere that would take her—a friend’s living room, a public community space. Her students not only got better, they blossomed. One student—for whom she helped heal severe arthritis and extensive pain—was an editor in a local newspaper (and also the fourth star), and this student was personally compelled to run articles and ads for her classes for free. Her classes sold out immediately.

She decided her work deserved a stable home. And what better home than her own? She purchased new land and began the construction on a home with a kitchen and living room both big enough to accommodate a class of students. But with the stress of the construction, she fell ill with a precancerous condition. It was a crucial lesson: good food is essential, but it’s not always enough. Stress can undo anything—even the very best diet. This hiccup turned out to be the fifth star aligning, because without this sudden illness, she never would have ended up at a clinic in Rosarito Beach in Mexico, doing a three week program of fasting and colonics to heal. 

The head doctor and teacher at the clinic was Dr. Gary Young. In his youth, he had a near-fatal accident that left him paralyzed with 29 broken bones in his body. Doctors told him he’d never walk again. He didn’t allow this diagnosis to come true. Instead, he embarked on his own natural healing journey, and found himself not only walking again, but running marathons. Dr. Young became our heroine’s mentor. She witnessed him actualize real miracles in her fellow patients at the clinic, and she shaped the We Care program itself under his influence.

She was reborn a third time.

Pre-cancer-free and newly inspired. She had a knowledge of her purpose more complete than ever, but she didn’t have the funds to bring it to fruition. The construction of We Care was complete, and she’d scheduled movers to move her possessions to her new home, but she didn’t have a cent left to do anything beyond that. The day after the move, catastrophe struck. Her valuable, antique family heirlooms (that she’d felt obligated to move herself in her own car the day before) were gone. So were all the boxes containing her entire interior design business—supplier, client, and prospective client lists all gone. But this was the sixth star in disguise; the universe had quite literally ended the chapter of her old professional life for her to make way for the new; and the money she recovered through her insurance was the money that made it possible to bring We Care Spa past the finish line.

This time, the milestone was no RE-birth. It was the birth of We Care Spa.

And this woman? We Care Spa’s metaphorical mother? She is my own mother, Susana. I joined her three years into We Care’s life, after I had burned out living the successful (but exhausting) jetsetter life back and forth between the fashion galaxies of New York City and Paris. Success’ price on my own health and wellbeing was our seventh star. I’ve been by her side ever since—complementing my mother’s health savvy with my own business savvy and transforming We Care Spa from a backyard dandelion into a blossoming garden.See, any great idea can start as a seed. But without enough water and sunlight, it can wither away before it even has the chance to grow. My mother—without a doubt—planted the seed. Together, we made it grow, transforming it into the transformative sanctuary it is now. She gave birth to this magical place. But together, we kept it alive. Anyone who has ever owned a plant knows: that’s a lot harder than it looks. Especially keeping it alive for over 30 years. Still, we did it because no matter how hard it may be, you just do it when you truly care about something. You nurture, you sacrifice, you put a dream before yourself—and you do it time and time again. My mom and I operate in very different ways, and yet that’s what makes us complement each other so beautifully. She brings that flyaway imagination and I bring the grounded approach to running a business. I am also a mother who finds myself balancing a busy work life and home life; and it is this ability that allows me to be my mom’s touchstone to the reality that the modern person lives every day. The reality that you live every day. Simply put:

My empathy for you abounds because your life is the life I live, too.

I’ve been there. But I also still am there. With you. Day by day. That’s why I’ve created life hacks to take We Care treatments “on the go”—because I’ve so desperately needed them myself. The bonus is that so many people just like me benefit from them, too. I’ve mastered in-car meditation, I’ve created pre-made healthy meal options to fit into my family’s ever-moving lifestyle, and I’ve even helped colleagues incorporate We Care lifestyle techniques in their offices.

With my strong business background, I’ve taken the beautiful little pocket of We Care that my mother started and magnified it so that it can live a much larger life… because I just believe more people deserve We Care. I’ve proactively led our marketing, introduced new treatments and products, built the team of passionate people working here, expanded the facilities, and completely run the business side of this business for a full two decades.

I share this with you because I’m so deeply proud of this place. I’m proud of the important work we’re doing here; I’m proud of the genuine, deep connection we’re constantly crafting; I’m proud of the selfless beating heart of We Care. And if I didn’t believe in it so wholeheartedly, so consumingly, I wouldn’t be gushing this much.

We are a team

Today, We Care Spa is a mother-daughter powerhouse with enough heart to rival any superhero team, backed by a community of miracle-workers. Together, we serve you as living proof of our greatest values of all:

A brand of care so above and beyond, it becomes familial.

You literally enter our home, put your health into the hands of an actual family and—for as long as you wish—you are unquestionably a part of it.

A brand of care so above and beyond, it becomes familial.

You literally enter our home, put your health into the hands of an actual family and—for as long as you wish—you are unquestionably a part of it.

It’s no surprise that the creation of We Care Spa was a magical result of those seven stars aligning—a miracle in itself—since the place is now known for facilitating miracles every day.

We’ve become renowned as a premier underground destination for business and media executives, models, musicians, actors, fellow holistic practitioners, and spiritually-minded health-conscious people from all over the world. (Our testimonials confirm this!)

Our vision is that all human beings have access to what they deserve: holistic practitioners who treat the person, not the disease.

Our mission is to align your stars so that all the parts that make you whole shine in synergistic harmony, and to educate and empower you so that your greatest healer is always yourself.

Ready for a truly transformational, mind-body-spirit rejuvenating, life-affirming experience?

Welcome to We Care Spa. Come home to a rebirthed you.

To your everlasting well-being,Susy