A Day In The Life At We Care Spa

Wake up slowly to the fresh mountainous air in the calm desert, so quiet you could hear a pin drop… head to yoga class or out for a morning hike to greet the sunshine and get your blood flowing

Stop by the medicine wheel for a mental break through, meditate in the pyramid to increase energy, and walk the labyrinth to set your intentions for the day

Head to the bar to prepare your nutrient-dense liquid nutrition drinks and take your supplements (and do this often throughout the day…)

Attend an educational class, such as Cooking, Gut Health Recovery, or Inflammation Triggers & Tools, and take what you learn home with you

Experience one of our most popular treatments, System Recovery, which uses the power of castor oil and may benefit your liver, de-stress the body and increase colonic release

Shake on the VibraTrim or jump on a mini trampoline before your colonic to get things moving and awaken your lymphatic system

Grab a book and rock away anxiety, stress and insomnia on a floating bed to reach a deeper level of relaxation

Experience a Magnesium Detox, performed on an amethyst mat while encased in a far-infrared sauna wrap. Follow this up with a We Care Spa Body Splash– a scrub and table bath treatment to open your pores so your skin can release toxic waste during your fast

Gather around the fire at sunset for a special ceremony where we welcome the opportunity for spiritual release and transformation through the practice of ancient rituals

Connect with guests and meet life-long friends

Unwind in your room with skin brushing and a detox bath using our special formulated scrub

Or do nothing at all…