WeCare Program


The WeCare Program


The WeCare program empowers our guests to achieve a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle of harmony between body, mind, and spirit. The primary tools we use are detoxification and education.


All of the treatments we offer, the products we use, and the environment of the spa itself are designed to work together synergistically, maximizing your results while limiting the side effects of toxin elimination.


With over 30 years of proven experience, the WeCare Program is a refined and comprehensive holistic system, an unparalleled experience that is transformative, healing, and also deeply relaxing.


Liquid Diet


Amazing Drinks to Nourish Body and Mind and Stimulate Detoxification

The body uses an incredible amount of energy to break down solid food. When we shift to a liquid diet, all of that energy becomes available to support healing and detoxification. We use a complete regimen of our own high quality vegan, organic, non-GMO WeCare 365 products, carefully designed to provide full-spectrum nourishment and facilitate detoxification in all your organs and tissues.


Each drink supports a different part of the process, whether it is liver detoxification, blood purification, vital energy, or kidney support, every element of our dietary program is a piece of the detox puzzle.


Our Treatments


We offer over 30 different premium spa treatments to enhance your experience


As toxins are released by your organs and tissues, they must be eliminated from your bodyto avoid side effects and accelerate healing. We have carefully developed over 30 unique treatments you won’t find anywhere else — each with specific benefits for your detoxification process.


You might relax into a table bath, opening your pores for maximum absorption, and then let yourself be wrapped in magnesium oil – a critical mineral for dozens of important biochemical processes – all while laying on a heated amethyst biomat to increase circulation. You could follow this with a hot castor oil rub, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, or try one of our latest creations.


Our highly trained and creative team are always developing new methods and approaches based on the latest research to creatively enhance your healing, health, and pleasure.


With these luxurious treatments, you can feel yourself become lighter as you purify your body and flush out the toxins that have been weighing down your body, clouding mind and spirit.


Healing the Mind and Spirit


Our holistic approach balances your whole self

The mind and body are deeply connected. Issues we face physically can have origins in our mental and emotional lives or vice versa with physical toxicity creating mental or emotional disturbances. This is where the holistic nature of our approach is so critical.


Healing sessions from our team of specialists help release the emotional, energetic, and spiritual blockages. We offer everything from counseling and coaching to reiki, breathwork, and fire ceremonies to help facilitate your transformation, self discovery, and reinvention.


Education and Integration


Knowledge is Power. We make sure you are prepared to integrate your WeCare experience into your daily life.

Our mission at WeCare is your transformation and empowerment—the detoxification is only half of it. You need the tools and knowledge to guide yourself to a healthy, balanced lifestyle after you return home to navigate a hectic and toxic world.


Education is absolutely fundamental to our program.


Our classes cover everything in our program, why we do things the way we do, and how to apply this knowledge to your own daily life choices. We also offer classes in yoga, pilates, qi gong, and meditation—practices you can take home and continue to develop your body, mind, and spirit.


The knowledge gives you a foundation for an empowered life of happiness and vibrant health.


Our Land and Facilities

Our beautiful desert oasis is the perfect setting for your transformation and healing

Deserts across cultures are revered as a place of spiritual renewal. Our grounds at WeCare Spa are designed to enhance the natural beauty and healing energy of the land. Installations and amenities are located throughout and free to use, aiding our guests on their journey to detox their body, calm the mind, and lift the spirit.


Meditate in our sanctuary, swim in the pool, explore the labyrinth— an ancient metaphor for the human mind. We have have specialized exercise equipment to facilitate lymph drainage and circulation, amethyst biomats for regeneration, and an infrared sauna for deep purification and relaxation.


Every class, every machine, every service offering, each and every detail of WeCare Spa is specifically chosen to enhance your experience, improve healing, and amplify your bliss.




The magic of the WeCare System is in how each element supports and enhances the others, bringing the detox and healing to deeper and deeper layers. It creates a potent synergy and gets powerful results quickly.


Our unique combination of liquid diet, detoxifying supplements, spa treatments to flush the system, practices and tools to address our emotional and spiritual selves, education to empower your life at home and all in gorgeous natural surroundings is unlike anything else in the world.


The potency, the luxuriant juiciness, and the heartfelt, individualized care of a retreat at WeCare Spa has transformed and (re)inspired lives for over 3 decades.


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A Day of Detox

When you arrive at WeCare Spa, we invite you to leave your stress, your worries, and all the rest of your daily life concerns at the gate. You are entering a special place. A place of healing, detoxification, rejuvenation, and revitalization. A place for you to focus on you.


The WeCare program will work best if you’ve followed the dietary guidelines for at least 4 days before your arrival. This prepares your system to make the most of your opportunity here. Like many things, preparation maximizes your success.


We suggest you come early, allowing yourself time to take advantage of the full day. It always takes a little while to decompress from schedules and to-do lists and the more time you give yourself to sink in, the better you’ll feel. Your room will be ready by 2pm, so take a walk around, breathe in the desert air, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.  


Or better yet, help yourself to one of our specialty drinks. We recommend a drink every hour the entire length of your stay, and it can help to get started early!


We have orientation classes at 11am and 3pm where we will go over the drink menu during your stay and take you on a tour of all we have to offer.


Once you’re settled in, find your easy rhythm of hourly drinks. In between, enrich yourself with our full menu of classes covering everything from how nutrition affects your body and the best food choices to cooking demos, yoga classes and more.


Schedule yourself some of our premier spa treatments—they’re an important part of the program and accelerate your results. Slip into a deep state of healing relaxation with an oxygen bath and body scrub followed by a hot castor oil rub or a magnesium wrap. But they fill up fast, so be sure to sign up early.



Fresh out of a relaxing spa treatment and nourished with a vitalizing beverage, you might go find a peaceful corner to bask in the sun after a dip in the pool. Or maybe you’re more of an explorer and find yourself in one of our many beautiful healing installations like the medicine wheel or labyrinth. Each piece is there for your holistic well-being — an open invitation for personal exploration.


We also have specialized equipment you won’t find any gym. Vibration and swing machines, for example, that stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph, carrying toxic waste from your organs and tissues to be flushed out through the colon. Try one out for 10 or 20 minutes and see how you feel.


Finally, after a day of relaxing, detoxing, learning, reflecting, and—above all—enjoying—take some time to get to know the other wonderful guests over a bowl of soup. We attract an amazing group of souls week after week and you may have a lot to learn from each other. If you’re not feeling social, then tend to your own needs, get some deep rest and feel content that you are doing what is best for you.


Then wake up the next morning, a little bit brighter, a little lighter, and start it all over again!