Our Biggest Fans Share Their Experiences

Regardless of how hard I’ve worked, what you’re able to accomplish physically, mentally, and spiritually in a week at We Care is unparalleled. I know that if I take at least a week out of my year to come to We Care, it will have profoundly positive benefits on the rest of my year. 

I didn’t come to lose weight, but I did, and that’s never a bad thing. More importantly, I feel a peace of mind and a lightness of spirit that I know will take me into the next year in the best way possible. I just feel good. I can’t wait to come back.

Matt Bomer, Actor,

When I first came to We Care Spa in 2000, it was such a powerful experience. I'm so grateful We Care exists. I have become one of their many "regulars" over the years. I can't wait to go back!

Molly Sims, Actress, Model, Active Humanitarian,

I have been sending patients and cleansing myself at We Care for many years and have been amazed at the amazing results across many areas of health!

I strongly believe that the Overall health and antiaging benefits proven in the Prolon fasting mediated diet can be realized Through the We Care spa five day detoxification program.

Michael Sinel MD, http://www.michaelsinel.net

I’ve been coming to We Care Spa for over 8 years and I love watching and feeling my body change of the time I am here. I always arrive tired and I have always left refreshed and rejuvenated with a real sense of renewed vigor.

Stockard Channing,

Weight loss, mental clarity, physical energy, improved focus, and attitude, renewed sense of motivation and purpose. I’ve never left We Care without feeling these things. It reliably delivers what it promises. I also feel more centered in my heart, more spiritually aligned, and less prone to neurotic or anxiety-provoking thoughts. I’ve seen profound transformations in people who say yes to it, myself included.

Josh Radnor ,

I would recommend We Care Spa to friends and family without hesitation . I use what I have learned in my work as a Cardiologist to teach my patients and assist them in their journey to heal .

Jane Schauer , M.D., PhD, FACC

For over 10 years We Care has been my absolute favorite place to press the reset button... It is an effective program, with guaranteed results.

Liv Tyler, Actress, Model

I need great long lasting results - fast, that can fit into my demanding schedule. And We Care is my secret solution.

Lisa Rinna, Model, Actress, Author, Dancer

You come out of there healthier than you’ve ever been in your life. The energy is amazing, the water is amazing, it will change your life. It’s nourishing for your soul and spirit. I go for 5 days to a week. I go by myself or with a friend. I go when I want to recharge my batteries.

Alicia Silverstone, Actress, Film & TV Producer, Author