Bring a Guest to Save 30% and Indulge in Premier Wellness Treatments


An Experience Designed For Complete Rejuvenation

Increased Energy

Access up to 30% more energy for a youthful vibrancy that lasts several weeks 

Mental Clarity

Leave your stay feeling recharged with a crystal-clear mind & renewed focus 

Cellular Restoration

Flush toxins and repair your cells for physical transformation and longevity

The Desert Is Calling

How long has it been since you escaped the hustle of modern day life? 

Pressed pause on juggling work, family & other commitments?

Don’t let your well-being get pushed aside.

You know the power of slowing down.

Waking up to the calm of the desert

Indulging in restorative breathwork & meditation

Rejuvenating poolside with raw juices

It's time to recommit to health optimization.

This is your personal invitation to return for your We Care check-up.

As a valued guest, we encourage you to take advantage of our “Building A Legacy” program, where you can bring a friend or family member for their first experience at our desert oasis in the magical San Jacinto mountains and access exclusive deals

You & Your Guest Receive

Raw Organic Ingredients
You’ll be given everything you need for your liquid nutrition diet, including delicious nutrient-dense juices, teas, and shakes, as well as targeted supplements – all of which are sourced from organic, GMO and pesticide-free ingredients to ensure the highest quality materials.
Colon Hydrotherapy
Receive daily colonic treatments administered by one of our trained practitioners to cleanse the body of toxic waste. Colonics are a powerful therapeutic procedure designed to improve digestion, reduce bloating, and eliminate toxins.
Guided Fasting & Detox
The program is laid out for you upon arrival, including what drinks you need each day, exactly what time of day to have them, and how much water you should be drinking to achieve the best results. You’ll never be left wondering what comes next or if you’re “doing this right”.
Luxury Amenities
Every detail within our state-of-the-art facilities is curated to provide deep rejuvenation. From circadian lighting in your guestroom, to energy healing stones within our buildings’ walls, to skilled healers who are masters of their craft – everything here is designed for optimal healing.
Wellness Classes & Workshops
Attend daily classes led by experts to deepen your knowledge about nutrition, detoxification, and the body. Our classes not only provide support throughout the fast, but they also allow you to leave your experience with a wealth of tools to maintain greater health and well-being for a lifetime.
Relaxation & Restoration
Leave behind the stress of your daily life like you never have before on our tranquil grounds. Our 20-acre oasis is filled with lemon groves, serene views, and healing installations that provide powerful mind-body-soul healing.

Plus, Exclusive Premium Benefits

30% Off Your Stay
Receive a 30% discount on your package rate per person when you book any double occupancy suite. Save money on luxurious accommodation with a private terrace and stunning views overlooking the desert.
Complimentary Master Treatment
Indulge in our signature treatment with our compliments. This full-body wrap uses the age-old healing power of castor oil and massage to alleviate bloating and inflammation while stimulating bowel and liver detoxification. All done as you lay on an amethyst mat, this luxurious 90-minute treatment encompasses pure relaxation and healing.
Shared Experiences
Share this life-changing healing experience with a close friend or family member who, by the end of your stay, you will feel connected with each other, and yourself, in a whole new way.
World-Class Spa Treatments
For stays of 4+ nights, each guest receives a $250 credit to be used towards additional transformative wellness services, including massage, body-wraps, scrubs, hypnotherapy, breathwork sessions, and so much more. These treatments will elevate your detox and facilitate even deeper rejuvenation.

“I’ve been coming to We Care spa for the last 3 years and I love watching and feeling my body change during the time I’m here. I always arrive tired and I always leave refreshed and rejuvenated, with a real sense of renewed vigor.”

Jena Covello, Wellness Mogul

The Desert is Calling...

We’re Honored to Welcome you Back


7-Night Restoration

Starting at: $6,149


✔️Wellness-Minded Double-Occupancy Suite

✔️Liquid Nutrition Fast

✔️Daily Classes

✔️100% Organic Products and Amenities

✔️(6) Colonic Treatments

 ✔️(1) Complimentary System Recovery Treatment per person

✔️Additional $250 Spa Treatment Credit

5-Night Renewal

Starting at: $5,049


✔️Wellness-Minded  Double-Occupancy Suite

✔️Liquid Nutrition Fast

✔️Daily Classes

✔️100% Organic Products and Amenities

✔️(4) Colonic Treatments

 ✔️(1) Complimentary System Recovery Treatment per person

✔️Additional $250 Spa Treatment Credit

2-Night Revival

Starting at: $2,019

✔️Wellness-Minded Double-Occupancy Suite

✔️Liquid Nutrition Fast

✔️Daily Classes

✔️100% Organic Products and Amenities

✔️(2) Colonic Treatment ✔️(1) Complimentary System Recovery Treatment per person


“Regardless of how hard I’ve worked, what you’re able to accomplish physically, mentally, and spiritually in a week at We Care is unparalleled. I know that if I take at least a week out of my year to come here, it will have profoundly positive benefits on the rest of my year. I didn’t come to lose weight, but I did, and that’s never a bad thing. More importantly, I feel a peace of mind and a lightness of spirit that I know will take me into the next year in the best way possible.”

Matt Bomer, Actor

Grounded in 37 Years of Results

Why have we been offering the same wellness program for 3 decades and counting?

It works.

Our guests return to our spa year after year for not only physical transformations…

But because they know cleansing your cells extends far beyond your appearance. It changes you mentally and emotionally, allowing you to gain clarity around your goals and feel invigorated to chase after them.

Now, the only question is…

If 1 week could influence your entire year for the better… 

Would you make it a priority?

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What is the first step?

Fill out the form below to make an inquiry about your reservation. Our team will respond at our earliest convenience confirming availability for your requested dates, or providing other options.

What does the “Building Your Legacy” Offer Include?

When you bring a new guest (who has never been to We Care before), both of you will receive: 

  • 30% off your stay for any double-occupancy suite of your choice
  • Complimentary System Recovery Treatment ($275 value)
  • $250 credit on our menu of 40 luxury spa treatments (only for stays of 4+ nights)

You Already Know the Power of the Fast

Carving aside time to restore cellular health will cascade into long-lasting health benefits:


✔️Stress Reduction

✔️Immune Function

✔️Brain Health

✔️Muscle Recovery

✔️Energy Production

✔️Heart Health


This is your chance to put yourself and your loved ones on the track to thriving health.


All reservations are secured by phone