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Chocolate a health food? Absolutely!


You may not have realized it, Cacao is a superfood – extremely rich in antioxidants, high in mood-elevating theobromine, and is one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, a critical mineral for hundreds of biological processes. All together, Cacao is one powerfully stimulating plant.


The most important part is that it is RAW and unprocessed. When the Cacao bean is heated and processed into chocolate, it loses much of its nutritional value.


Our Cacao is a particularly rare and delicate Ocumare variety harvested from the Amazon region of Venezuela, notably less bitter others. It is 100% raw and contains all the natural enzymes, minerals, antioxidants in their most bioavailable structures.


Our Raw Cacao powder is the perfect addition to the WeCare365 3-Minute Power Shake, giving you a chocolatey and powerful boost to start your day!

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Weight 1.24375 lbs

Pure Raw Criollo Cacao Beans

Add 1 Tbsp cacao powder in your favorite smoothie or as directed for desserts.

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