We Care 365 Nutritional Solutions 6-Month Autoreorder

$98.90 / month for 6 months



Receive the We Care 365 Nutritional Solutions system monthly for 6 months!


With the WeCare365 Nutritional Solutions System, you get the best of what we have discovered in over 30 years of restoring and revitalizing thousands of people to vibrant health.


With this carefully balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids,  contains everything your body needs for complete nourishment.


Liquid nutrition is the most effective way to get nutrition to your body for fuel that lasts. It gives your digestive system a welcome break to restore itself and nourishes your tissues directly, no ups and downs with your blood sugar.


We Care 365 Nutritional Solution System includes:

  • WE CARE 365 GREEN FOOD (240g powder)
  • WE CARE 365 IONIC MINERALS (2 oz.)
  • WE CARE 365 PLANT PROTEIN (16 oz.)
  • How-To DVD narrated by We Care Spa President and Co-Founder Susan Lombardi
  • Product Manual with recipes and FAQs
  • A 30-day supply* for only $98.90

* Based on suggested usage.


Each product is an important part of your complete and balanced well-being. GREEN FOOD provides a full spectrum, 100% Organic plant-based nutrition rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep your cells healthy. IONIC MINERALS contains over 72 hard-to-find trace minerals that are essential for proper thousands of biological processes. And PLANT PROTEIN is an easily digestible 100% organic plant-based protein and omega-3 fatty acid source to give you the energy you need to be at your best.


Combined together into one healthy shake, this system will take your energy, your health, and your radiance to a whole new level.


Now, no health system would be complete without some attention to the rest of what you eat, so to inspire you and give you guidelines, we include a DVD with information-packed lectures from WeCare Spa President and Co-Founder Susan Lombardi as well as a product manual full of quick and healthy recipes


Order yours today and see the difference it makes in YOUR life!


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Weight 2.3125 lbs

  • WE CARE 365 GREEN FOOD (240g powder)
  • WE CARE 365 IONIC MINERALS (2 oz.)
  • WE CARE 365 PLANT PROTEIN (16 oz.)

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