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WE CARE 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS 6-month Autoreorder

WE CARE 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS 6-month Autoreorder

$23.95 / month for 6 months



Receive WE CARE 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS monthly for 6-months!

Toxins from our environment get stuck on the surface lining of our digestive tract where they subtly begin to interfere with our natural biological processes. Clearing out this toxic buildup returns us to our natural state of healthy, radiant joy and vitality.


Our surprisingly delicious Detox Drink Plus acts like an internal broom, a net of organic fiber flushing out the intestine and colon, restoring our natural, vibrant health.


Detox Drink Plus is formulated to work in hand-in-hand with our Regulator Plus and the other We Care 365 Digestive Solutions to clean, harmonize, and heal your digestive system at every level.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.16875 lbs

Fiber, Organic Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Seed, Organic Apple, Organic Fig, Organic Prune

Mix 1 Tbsp with 8-10 oz. water or juice and drink immediately. Take with 1-3 Regulator plus capsules. Alternatively, add 1 Tbsp to your daily 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE.