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WE CARE 365 ALOE 6-Month Autoreorder

WE CARE 365 ALOE 6-Month Autoreorder

$19.35 / month for 6 months



Receive WE CARE 365 ALOE monthly for 6 months!

Aloe Vera is a remarkable plant, mostly known for its topical uses. Taken internally, however, it helps detoxify and heal our bodies. Some of its benefits include:


  • Hydrate the intestines to facilitate elimination
  • Stimulates peristalsis for regular bowel movements
  • Alkalizing, balancing out acidic conditions that lead to disease
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory, especially in cases of gut inflammation
  • Rich in trace minerals


Most people find the taste a little tough to take, so we’ve put it into capsules to make it easy as possible. Our Aloe supplement is a perfect plant-based solution to help address gut issues like constipation and bloating and makes a powerful addition to any detoxification program.


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Weight 0.1938 lbs

Cape Aloe, Natural Vegetable Capsules.

Take 1-3 Aloe Capsules with 8oz of water.