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Your liver is the primary organ of both detoxification and fat metabolism. Given the toxicity of our environment and the poor quality of much of our food supply, it’s no wonder the liver can get overloaded.


This liver flush is a powerful method to flush accumulated toxins and partially digested fats from your liver and gallbladder and restore these critical organs to balance. The orthophosphoric acid helps to remove calcium and fats, normalizing cholesterol metabolism while the phosphoric acid helps to soften the liver and dissolve gallstones.


For those experiencing challenges with their liver or gallbladder, we recommend a weekly round for a month. Follow this with a monthly flush for 8 months, and twice a year after that. It takes time to undo the long-term damage, but it is far from impossible.

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Ingredients: orthophosphoric acid, phosphoric acid, inositol

10 drops 3x per day for three days. On the night of the third day, take 2 ounces of fresh lemon juice and 2 ounces of olive oil right before retiring for the night. On the following day, have a colonic or enema.

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