Just about every boldfaced name in Hollywood and fashion has spent a few days at this storied hideaway devoted to fasting, purification, and spiritual renewal." - Vogue Magazine

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Detox in the desert at We Care Holistic Health Center. This facility, located near Palm Springs, California, offers participants a range of cleansing options from fasting to colonics to lymphatic massage.    Read more


Michelle Behennah, a 24-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, dropped 7 pounds in five days at We Care. "My model friends come here...    Read more


We Care Holistic Health Center Desert Hot Springs, California. The philosophy: Based on five principles of balanced health: detoxification, nutrition, digestion, exercise, focusing thoughts    Read more


We Care Holistic Health Center Philosophy: Drink it up. Spiritual well-being is achieved through juice fasts. Each hour, guest choose from 13 vegetarian drinks like lemon-mint water,    Read more


If you don't know what colonics are, you might want to stop reading after one clue: enema lite. Why are they so popular? "You'll be amazed at how much more energy and glow you'll have," promises Susan Lombardi, vice president of We Care Health Center, in Desert Hot Springs, Calif.    Read more

Harper’s Bazzar

We Care, 15 minutes north of Palm Springs, focuses on detoxifying the body through fasting, flushing, and sweating. Visitors are asked to stick to fruit, vegetables, juices, and herb teas (and two tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime) for four days before arrival.    Read more

Yoga Journal

Juice fasting also brings a steady flow of live enzymes into the body at the same time that toxins are being released. Susan Lombardi, president and founder of We Care Holistic Health Center in Desert Hot Springs, California, explains...    Read more

Ms. Fitness

...As time went on, however, the word spread about the results people were getting and people from all over the world began to come not for yoga, but for their fasting program my mother had developed.    Read more

Whole Life Times

...We Care is a quaint, simple place - perfect for anyone longing to relax, rejuvenate, and restore body, mind and spirit.    Read more

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