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We Care Spa Review – Detoxifying Enlightenment

To find a pure lifestyle is what many of us wish for. Detoxify and cleanse means that you rise each morning feeling revived and renewed. Waking with a smile, looking out at the beautiful change of season, is preferred to a scowl at the thought of traffic on the way to work and the stress of the day ahead of us. Seeing each day as a new opportunity to live and grow, rather than fighting to maintain your sanity from the minute you get out of bed until your head hits the pillow each evening...    Read more


Nicole Richie notwithstanding, actresses have weight problems like the rest of us. And when they need to get in red carpet shape-in a hurry-there’s only one place to go: the We Care Spa.    Read more


We Care: If you need a "fast" fix before you slip into that party dress, this is your nirvana ....    Read more

Spa Finder

I know I'm in for an unusual experience at We Care Holistic Health Spa even before I finish checking in. "I just had the most amazing colonic," a white-robed woman remarks to me as I'm filling out forms at the front desk.    Read more


Courtney Love has been to We Care Spa. So have Gwen Stefani, Tara Reid, Ben Affleck, Gisele Bündchen and Liv Tylyer, says the spa's manager.    Read more

Diet & Fitness

When I told friends I was going for a week of colonics, they said, "You're crazy." When I returned exclaiming, "It was great!" they said, "You really are crazy!" Well, call me crazy, but I returned 12 pounds lighter and amazingly energetic.    Read more

Women’s Own

I am on an airplane, deciding whether or not I should eat the meal the flight attendant places on my tray table: Lasagna, salad (only half wilted!), roll (that that stale!), and some kind of dessert that resembles a white square with a red top (strawberry shortcake, I'm told).    Read more

Detox Spas and Programs

The We Care Holistic Health Center ("We Care") in Desert Springs, California enjoys a favorable reputation as a holistic health care center with the Hollywood crowd, who have long appreciated both its private and intimate facilities, and its strict liquid-diet and colonic cleansing regimen. Some guests hope for a panacea for an excessive lifestyle; other guests seek and find a spiritual restorative escape...    Read more