Pauly & Monks – GloZell Green

I am really excited to be here and not really as nervous as I thought. The car ride with GloZell probably helped with that. I recommend going on a road trip with her. We sang and talked and laughed and it was really fun.    Read more

Clean Gut

"It was a surprise visit by my friend Eric, who arrived ten days after he'd completed a detox program at a holistic center located just a few minutes from my home in Palm Springs....    Read more


Oh, the holidays – they've done it again. Only last week they were promising epic galas and annual bonuses. Now they'’'re gone, taking with them any semblance of muscle tone and one Google Glass, smashed to bits by Uncle Hank in a whiskey-induced tirade against "the man." (We could not make that up.)...If you’re ready for a real overhaul, We Care in Palm Springs is your spot.    Read more


Where does a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model go to get just a little more perfect? This desert getaway has become a hotspot for Hollywood starlets...    Read more

Red Carpet Guide 2013: Ready, Set … Style!

A few days of eating healthy, hiking, doing yoga, and relaxing at a wellness retreat is the perfect way to experience calm and gear up for the pre-awards madness that is about to begin. We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs is a popular choice,    Read more

Reboot, Redux

Just before the holidays I made a pilgrimage to a desert oasis. Alone. A desperately needed interruption in my routine. (I'd only done this once before in the past 12 years, for three days last spring.) The landscape, beautiful in its stark eeriness.    Read more

Fitness Getaways: The 8 Hottest Spas Near L.A.

The deluxe spots where Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest and Heidi Klum can put down their iPhones and Blackberrys to drop pounds, detox and feel human (again) all at once. As if you needed another reason to take a spa getaway, now there's scientific proof that it benefits your health.    Read more