Pre-Fast & Detox


Preparation Will Maximize Your Success

Preparing for your time at We Care Spa and the Detox Fast is crucial to your detoxification success and will impact how you both respond and feel during the fast. Our guests who adhere to the following suggestions find they benefit the most from our program.

For maximum results, we suggest that 3 to 4 days prior to your fast you change your normal diet by:

  • Eating fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, salads, and drinking fresh, organic juices, herbal teas and tons of water.
  • Taking 2 tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime.
  • Taking 8 oz. of prune juice in the morning and herbal laxatives or laxative teas nightly.
  • Drinking fresh organic juices
  • On the day you are arriving at the spa, please stick to a liquid diet of fresh, organic juices and lemon water. If you need something more, have a smoothie.

AVOID: all grains, nuts, pasta, meat, cheese, dairy, processed food and eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Sprouts are suggested for protein.
You may eat sprouts for protein.


Begin Healing Your Body and Achieve Remarkable Results

Nutrient-dense liquid nutrition is a tremendous way to begin healing your body. By giving your system a break from traditional solid foods, you free up the energy required to break down and digest those foods so it can power the five organs of detoxification – skin, lungs, kidney, colon, and liver– allowing your body to release and remove waste and toxins.

Drinking nutrient rich foods in the form of liquid nutrition will flood your body with vital micronutrients, allowing it to quickly absorb these immune boosting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the bloodstream and deliver them where they are most needed. Not only will this increase the health of your body internally, but it will increase your energy, help facilitate weight loss, and improve the condition of your skin.

Our program includes nutritious drinks and supplements that contain ingredients like Spirulina, wheat grass, and barley. We also prepare carefully designed therapeutic teas, pureed vegetable soup and powdered fiber drinks. Natural laxatives that help loosen internal waste are incorporated into the program as well as colon hydrotherapy, which is the fastest way to flush out the waste that is released. Using all of these components, you begin to experience the benefits of our deep detoxification spa regimen.


Make a Successful Transition Back to Your Home Life

Your time at We Care Spa is an incredible investment in, and commitment to, your long-term health. It’s time away from your hectic life to refocus and rebalance. It’s a step towards a major life change. When you return home it is important to maintain what you have started.

When you are on the program, your body does not digest solid food for several days and will need time to transition back to this process.

For this reason we recommend you follow these basic guidelines:

  • Take one WE CARE 365 DAILY PROBIOTIC per day.
  • Take two – three WE CARE 365 FOOD-N-ZYMES with every meal.
  • Drink one We Care 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS daily.
  • Take WE CARE 365 REGULATOR PLUS as needed to facilitate bowel release.

During this time it’s also important to remember you eat a total of three small meals per day. HOWEVER, one of those meals will be liquid in the form of the WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE. The other two meals will be solid.

Please continue to refrain from eating: meat, potatoes, dairy products, coffee, sugar, soda, and bread.

Drink lots of water during the day between meals. Consume any of the nutritional drinks on our menu for daily nutritional support.

Our recommended on-going meal plan includes one liquid meal and two solid meals daily. The liquid meal may include veggie juices, green drinks, smoothies, protein drinks, pureed soups, herbal teas and nut milks.


Returning Home

To help you along the way, we will provide you with a detailed handout outlining the first seven days and post-fast, before leaving our campus.