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Products: Teas and Drinks
We brew this all day long because of its soothing and healthy attributes. Our guests love sipping on a cup as they go through their program.
2.5 oz. of Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for $8.00
An antibacterial herbal tea. Read More
Chlorophyll Liquid 16 fluid oz. $17.99
Promotes blood cleansing and strong immune response, strengthens cells, deodorizes body including the bowels. Read More
GREEN FOOD (We Care 365)
This mild and tasty little blend of organic SUPER greens is used at We Care Spa as a drink supplement to give energy to our guests while they are fasting and is an essential part of the WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE. Rich in vitamins and minerals, you love to use it as midday pick me up, add it to soups salads and ALWAYS add it to smoothies.
240g of Organic Plant/Vitamins/Minerals Powder for $43.00
GREEN FOOD is a pleasant tasting powdered version of organic plant energy (can be an alternative to WE CARE 365 POWER GREEN capsules) Read More
LIVER KIDNEY (We Care 365)
We drink it liberally at We Care Spa because of its healthy and soothing qualities. Keep a pot warm on the stove and warm up your "gut" frequently.
2.5 oz. of Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for $4.50
A diuretic tea that gives liver support. Read More
With the We Care 365 Nutritional Solutions system you'll get VITAMINS, MINERALS, PROTEIN and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS in three products that when combined along with your choice of milk substitute and stevia give you, IN 3 MINUTES, all you need for our WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE. This is a highly nutritious and tasty liquid meal that delivers up to 23 grams of PLANT PROTEIN along with omegas 3-6-9, organic GREEN FOOD with vegetables and grasses AND IONIC MINERALS. Read More
*Based on suggested usage
AHHHH, where else can you get a delicious totally plant based (from peas and hemp) protein powder that INDLUDES EFA (omegas 3-6-9). The vanilla flavor is slightly sweetened with Stevia so it works well with water (1 heaping Tbsp. is what we recommend) and is amazing with vanilla almond milk, WE CARE 365 GREEN FOOD and WE CARE 365 IONIC MINERALS in our WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE. AND for chocolate lovers... adding a heaping Tbsp. of WE CARE 365 RAW CACAO is simply delicious for the entire family.
16 oz. of Hemp & Pea Protein with Omegas for $31.95
PLANT PROTEIN is an easily digestible, good tasting, plant protein powder with omegas 3-6-9, and you can get 23g of protein in a full scoop. Read More
RAW CACAO (We Care 365)
If you are a chocolate lover this is a must have as a smoothie flavoring with benefits. Add it to your WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE for a rich and lovely chocolate version, the kids love it and you will love it too. Not only will you add a power dose of immune-building antioxidants but research shows cacao to be a "mood elevator." This is one of our favorite new ADD-ON products, for flavoring yes, but our cacao is not your everyday chocolate! First of all, this bean is only 4% of the yearly harvest of cacao beans worldwide so there is nothing mass produced about it! Learn more about it below.
16 oz. of Antioxidant/Mood Elevator for $24.95
RAW CACAO is a delicious chocolate powder.
Read More
Yerba Mate Tea (Bags) powdered tea in tea bags - 25 bags $6.50
For a boost of energy without so many side effects; an energizing tea that contains a stimulant called mateine. Nutrient dense with 24 vitamins, 15 amino acids, rich in antioxidants and it doesn't give you the jitters, stomach upset or cause you to crash. It has approx. 30 mg of mateine per 8 oz. cup and coffee has 100 mg of caffeine per 8 oz. cup. Read More
Yerba Mate Tea (Instant) Instant Unsweetened Tea - 2.82 oz. $11.99
A nutritious source of energy without the jitters. Has less caffeine than black tea or coffee, and contains 196 active compounds including vitamins and minerals. Read More

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