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The Power of the Detox
Years of Research and Results Have Proven the We Care Spa Proprietary (Exclusive) Detoxification Program Gives Maximum Results Gently and Quickly
The We Care Spa fasting and cleansing program was developed in 1985 because we understood that the world around us is making us sick. This situation has only intensified since then.
Toxins Are All Around Us And Detoxification Is The First Step To Vibrant Health... Here's Why
      We know that the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are polluted and contain toxic chemicals. Even the food we take in is loaded with preservatives, colorings and additives. All of us face these toxins in our everyday life and after taking them in (with every breath, every bite, and every drink) your body starts to not function properly. You can’t sleep, you gain weight, you are bloated and you are constipated, really your body wasn’t made to function with all these toxins. Think of a small baby, who has not been exposed to toxic pollutants. They eat, then right afterwards they release the waste from what they have eaten. As we get older that isn’t how it works for many people; many people eat and maybe they are not able to release the waste for 2 or 3 or 4 days or even a week. You have to ask yourself, where is this waste from 8, 10, 12 meals hiding? The food has been taken into your body but the waste hasn’t been released so it has to be somewhere.
Here's Why Detoxifying Is So Important And Where The Toxins Accumulate In Your Body...

Bloated And Gassy Because Of Toxins
It IS somewhere; it is stuck in what we call the "garbage pail of the body," the colon. And just like a trash can where the trash sits for 5 days or 7 days it stinks and becomes rotten. After 2 weeks, you might find worms growing. And a month later there will be bacteria, mold and fungus growing as it breaks down.
This is what happens to your body; when you take in pollutants and eat white flour foods, sugars highly refined foods, animal fats, packaged foods – all of the things the body was not designed to break down and easily eliminate are stored in the tissue and fat cells throughout your body and this toxic build-up needs to be released by the 5 organs of elimination and detoxification which doesn't easily happen without a deep detoxifying cleanse of your entire system.
Ultimately this toxic waste gets dumped and accumulates in your garbage pail. Over time as you poison yourself, (called auto-intoxification) you create dis-ease and this disease generally hits your weakest link. For some it is inflammation in the joints and arthritis, others have respiratory challenges; frequent colds and bronchitis. Others feel sluggish and tired and are fuzzy in their thinking. What a case for detoxification!
The We Care Spa Detoxification Program Has One Main Purpose, To Remove Toxins From Your Body And Detox Your System, Quickly And Gently
      At We Care Spa we don’t really focus on the symptoms or the effect of the toxic condition, we focus on detoxifying and cleaning out the garbage pail Our job is to remove toxic waste from your colon and the other organs of elimination like the liver and the kidneys. Your body responds quickly; once you are detoxed and you have cleaned out, you automatically start pumping clean blood, through the circulatory system and your lymphatic system carries in the nutrition and pumps out the waste as it was designed to do…all over the body to every one of the 75 trillion cells that make up YOU.
And when you are detoxified, verything about you starts to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally just by focusing on removing the poisons in the body. This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.
Our Detoxification Uses Juice Fasting To Free Up Your Energy...
For just a moment think of the last time you celebrated a special occasion by going to a great restaurant. You ate everything you liked and it all tasted so good. Suddenly when they come to ask whether or not you’d like coffee, you feel stuffed and exhausted. In fact, you’d rather take a nap than order an espresso! That exhausted feeling happens because your body needs all your energy (and reserve energy) to start to break down the food. It requires a tremendous amount of energy, to generate the enzymes required to break down and process your meal so that you can use the nutrition part and eliminate the waste.
Juice Fasting And All-Liquid Nutrition Detoxifies Your System

We Care Spa Open Juice Bar
While you are at We Care Spa, you participate in an all-liquid fast, allowing you to reserve all your energy for detoxification and elimination of the waste you have stored. You’ll be drinking all day long, every day, from the time you wake up until the time you drift off to sleep. Our juice fasting program includes 13 different drinks all designed to support the vital organs while you fast. Some of these drinks are: organic vegetable juices, herbal teas, Spirulina, barley and wheat grasses, Probiotics, high fiber detox drink and herbal laxative, alkaline Kangen lemon-mint water and organic single vegetable pureed hot soup served daily. You’ll be preparing these drinks for yourself at our juice bar; in this way we teach you to continue the program at home. And every one of the drinks was carefully developed to play a key role in the detoxification process.
There are several kinds of fasts; one of them is a "juice fast" and relies heavily on juices that are loaded with sugar (fructose) which we want you to avoid. The other kind is a water fast. Not only does this type of fast not provide organ support during the program, but it takes 3 weeks of water fasting to accomplish what we accomplish in one week.
Juice Fasting Means Every Hour You Have A Specially Designed Drink
The We Care Detoxification Spa program has been refined over more than 25 years and we find the all-natural liquid fast is the easiest, fastest, and most supportive to all your organs and the most effective way to get the results you need. Every hour, while you are on the We Care Spa fasting program you have a different drink. Some drinks cleanse and detoxify your liver, some cleanse and detoxify your kidneys, some break down toxic waste and scrub the garbage pail clean, some give you nutrition and energy. For so many people fasting at We Care Spa this liquid diet, while low in calories, provides more nutrients than their regular diet. The We Care Spa fast is not taxing to the system — it is actually rejuvenating.
The We Care Spa Detox Is A Powerful Anti-Aging Process
      Now that you are juice fasting we start removing toxins from your body as quickly as possible. We use colon hydrotherapy which cleanses and detoxifies the garbage pail, the colon. But importantly there are 4 other organs of elimination and detoxification we need to put to work and we do this with over 30 treatments that have been carefully designed to enhance and accelerate the cleansing and releasing process. For example, reflexology stimulates the reflex points on the feet which generate activity throughout your system; the scrubs prepare the skin, the largest organ of detoxification, while they stimulate the lymph system to release toxic waste; the muds and wraps help you pull out waste and take in nutrients and the massages stimulate and move lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is the vacuum cleaner of the body, but it has no pump, movement pumps the fluid and many of the specialized pieces of equipment on the property along with treatments create that movement.
The Detox Program Balances Mind And Spirit Along With Body
You are an emotional, mental and spiritual being as well as a physical one. In fact your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT are so connected that you can’t be healthy without all three being detoxified and reaching balance.
While on the We Care Spa program, during juice fasting, you're not eating solid foods; everything you take in is in liquid form. We help you remove the poisonous toxins as fast as we can through colonics and that is why we recommend a colonic every day while you are fasting. You are taking all the spa treatments you can to stimulate your system, but what about the mind and spirit stuff that keeps you thinking and feeling the same as you have always felt and thought? The We Care Spa program includes classes to help you think in a new healthier way - this is a form of detoxification. Because a physical release is also an emotional release, in a way, you are opening Pandora’s box. There is no better time than during the We Care Spa fast to do spiritual healing work. The We Care Spa Program offers complimentary classes with many different healers. When you find that you have a connection with one of them, you have the option of booking a personalized private session.
During Your Juice Fasting and Detoxification, You'll Be Learning...

We Care Detox Program -
Rejuvenation And Health
We teach you how the body works, and doesn’t! We’ll explore your supplements, your meals, how you shop and cook, share great easy new recipes, how to organize your kitchen, how to order off a menu, and what are some smart choices. We look at some ways you can exchange foods your body can’t process with foods that are tasty, healthy and quick to prepare. You’ll learn about a new coffee, a different sugar and many other healthy choices. Our goal is to set you up for success when you return home.
The longer you're fasting and detoxifying, the deeper the cleansing — that's why we suggest you select the 8 Day Renewal Program (PLAN A) for your first We Care Spa experience.
When you experience the We Care Spa detoxification cleanse, you will be amazed at how good you feel, how much energy you have, how much lighter you are, how much younger you look and feel, how clear your skin and eyes are, how positive you feel; it’s almost as if you are 18 again and can conquer the world. This is why 85% of the people who come to We Care Spa return again and again. They know the most important thing in life is not money, or fame. If you don’t have your health and vitality and joy you have nothing.
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