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We Care Spa Nutritional Solutions
We Care 365 Nutritional Solutions
Replace one solid meal with a liquid one daily
Get Powerful Daily Liquid Nutrition In Only 3 Minutes
3 Minutes... 3 Products... 3 Reasons
A Word from Susan about the WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE which not only gives her the perfect liquid meal, but it is fast and delicious too:

"I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE to start my day... As a business owner and mother of an active daughter I count on starting my day with a liquid meal that gives me instant energy. I won't shortchange nutrition so I want this meal to be healthy and nutritious but, most of all, it has to be fast. I love the taste of our WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE. My favorite is the chocolate banana. Delicious... almost like a dessert, but with all the vitamins, minerals, protein and omegas we need to have a successful day."

  • How-To DVD
  • Product Manual
  • Replace one solid meal with a liquid one daily
  • Get vitamins, minerals, protein and omegas 3-6-9 everyday in a nutritious, delicious liquid meal... IN JUST 3 MINUTES

In only 3 minutes you can prepare a nutritious and delicious liquid meal with all of the protein (and amino acids), omegas, vitamins and minerals you need to feel energized and satisfied. Drink it first thing in the morning to fuel you and the entire family for the day ahead or replace your dinner meal with this yummy liquid meal... and why not make it into a chocolate smoothie!

3 great products do it all and when added in a smoothie give you immediate energy that lasts... WE CARE 365 PLANT PROTEIN (with omegas 3-6-9 from flax seed oil extract) up to 23 grams of plant protein (in a full scoop) from peas and hemp (our WE CARE 365 3 MINUTE POWER SHAKE calls for 1 heaping Tbsp.). Unlike many grain, rice or animal-based proteins, ours is 95% digestible! WE CARE 365 GREEN FOOD is a concentrated super green formula with organic green vegetables and grasses that tastes great (on its own or when combined), and it is packed with vitamins A and D. In a world where most of us are mineral deficient we offer daily WE CARE 365 IONIC MINERALS with 72 trace and non trace minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake, they have an electrical charge allowing them ready-entrance through the cell walls.
3 Reasons why your body NEEDS WE CARE 365 LIQUID NUTRITION:
  1. You get all the nutrients you need in one fast and delicious smoothie and this means you'll feel strong and clear as you begin your day. If you choose a liquid meal at the end of the day you will feel satisfied and can end the munchies that simply add weight and leave you hungry when you awake.
  2. Time is a premium and with a 3 minute meal you'll free up yours and still prepare you for a day filled with health and vibrancy.
  3. Finally, it takes no extra energy to break down, digest and assimilate this liquid meal; that means the nutrition goes right into your bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system you'll get energy and vitality almost immediately, and it will last until your next meal.

We Care 365 Nutritional Solution System includes:
  • WE CARE 365 GREEN FOOD (240g powder)
  • WE CARE 365 IONIC MINERALS (2 oz.)
  • WE CARE 365 PLANT PROTEIN (16 oz.)
  • How-To DVD narrated by We Care Spa President and Co-Founder Susan Lombardi
  • Product Manual with recipes and FAQs
  • A 30-day supply* for only $98.90
* Based on suggested usage.

ADD WE CARE 365 RAW CACAO (for an additional $24.95) if you love chocolate! Entire system with WE CARE 365 RAW CACAO price: $128.85
Liquid Nutrition is something We Care Spa understands very well; our fasting and cleansing program has been used by hundreds of thousands of people, including celebrities, across the globe for more than 25 years. We know that replacing one solid meal with a liquid one every day is a great choice. Here’s why:
Your body is like a machine; the harder it works, the shorter it's lifespan - what a blender does in minutes, your body takes hours to do. One liquid meal a day allows you to free up all the energy it would have to use to breakdown, digest, assimilate and eliminate solids. When you have a blended drink you deliver instant rejuvenating energy to your system.

Ask yourself these questions and if you say yes to even one of them, you know you need nutritional support!


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