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Staying Open During Your Detox
Why movement classes like Yoga and Pilates? Detoxification happens when Body Mind and Spirit are all attuned... the result is balanced, centered and joyful awareness on every level. There is no better way to do this than with movement classes like Yoga and Mat Pilates.
The movement classes open and release. They encourage deep breathing and heightened awareness; very important to stimulating the lymphatic system as it carries toxins from the cells and dumps them into the 5 organs of elimination.
The Yoga Room at We Care Spa™ is home to a number of talented giving Instructors, each is experienced and has their interpretation of the "kind of Yoga they do." But all Yoga has a common theme:
Why Yoga is Effective

Yoga Under The Desert Sky
The word 'Yoga' is Sanskrit for 'way' or 'union'. The purpose of Yoga is to dissolve separation and unify the body, mind and spirit. A wisdom tradition of some 5000 years from India, Yoga is the art and science of self-awareness and the resulting practice of mindful action.
Benefits of Yoga: The physical benefits of embracing a Yoga practice into your life are numerous. Yoga has been clinically shown to increase flexibility, relieve stress and stress related symptoms, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, build muscle tissue, increase stamina and strengthen the respiratory and immune system. The postures, called Asanas are designed to open energy meridians and allow the prana to flow freely throughout the body.
Hatha Yoga: A gentle yoga combined with breath awareness and a state of mindfulness that is intended to witness our thoughts and emotions - that connects us with spirit and really affects change in our lives.

Yoga Classes At We Care Spa
Yoga Flow: opening, stretching, breathing, moving in rhythm to your vital life force is a powerful way to experience yoga. With grace & strength, creating meditation in motion, you will flow in the present moment.
Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates, is designed to build core strength and the core is exactly aligned with the body's vital organs of digestion and elimination. Most of us hold extra weight around our "middle" from our relatively sedentary cerebral lives. Pilates builds control in the core or middle of the body.
About Our Yoga Instructors
Susana (Lombardi) Belen: Founder of We Care Spa; a yoga instructor for over 30 years, Susana invites others into her faithful daily practice in the Yoga Room 2 times a week. Read More
Bridgette Becker: A protégé of Susana's, Bridgette is also an Education Coordinator, Nutritional Consultant, and heavily involved in New Products Development for We Care Spa. Bridgette has been a Yoga instructor for 12 years. Read More
Patricia Thompson: One of our regular (almost daily) morning instructors, Patricia is a loving giving reflection of the yoga “way”. We Care Spa guests love working with Patricia and love themselves for the way that feels. Read More

Susana WCS Founder Guides You
Susana Belen, Founder of We Care Spa, began her holistic healing work as a registered Yoga Instructor. Even now, more than 25 years later, you can share Susana's faithful practice as a guest at We Care in a yoga class available twice each week. Her style is gentle and opening; she leads the class as a guide rather than an instructor.

Bridgette; Global Instructor
Bridgette Becker is dear to the heart of We Care Spa as the Education and Training Coordinator and Nutritional Consultant, Bridgette is also a key protégé of Susana Belen and teaches WCS Master Classes regularly.

Bridgette began her work with We Care Spa as a registered Yoga Instructor, mind-body therapist and educator. She has practiced yoga and movement arts for 20 years. She has taught classes internationally in yoga, and nutrition. Settings for her classes have ranged from cancer centers, retirement communities, and recovery centers to studios and high end resorts. Her background includes Anusara, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Bridgette's classes are heart oriented, inspired, and fun. They focus on supporting each individual in their journey of self-discovery.

Patricia; Students Love Her
Patricia Thompson has been teaching yoga for four years. She finds that she learns something in every class that broadens her understanding and love of the tradition of yoga. She encourages students to approach their practice with self-love, curiosity and patience as they encounter themselves on the mat. Students can expect to be challenged in Patricia's classes as they explore the deeper and more subtle aspects of who they are, by focusing on the breath and paying attention to how it feels to be present in their bodies.

Patricia received her first 200 hour teacher certification from the Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, CA.

This experience inspired her to complete a second 200 hour certification from Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX.

Students of Patricia's classes love working with her; they say that they find her classes to be inspiring and heart opening. Postures are explained thoroughly so that new students feel an understanding of the practice, and experienced practitioners can further deepen their alignment.


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