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What does Floating Motion do? It has many benefits.
First, rocking is a proven, natural sleep aid.
But why?
It is the same safe motion that we felt, gently floating in our mother's womb. Nature selected this motion for its calming effect. It has positive effects on the limbic, circulatory, and other systems. It activates a deep, powerful relaxation response.
Mothers intuitively rock babies from head to toe, using that same floating motion. Every mother knows that rocking is good for a baby, but science has found that motion is good for adults too. Rocking increases blood and most importantly, lymphatic circulation. We all know the heart pumps blood and nutrients into the cells. But to carry toxins away from the cells, your body requires motion; the body's drain system, the lymphatic system, has no pump. Doctors know that people without enough motion, or who are bed-ridden, quickly develop serious health problems. For example, after surgery, patients are required to get up and move around as soon as possible, even if exhausted and totally in pain. Rocking speeds post-operative recovery, and reduces pain; it actually feels good! Not only does it reduce back pressure in the circulatory system but motion decreases swelling all through the body, and reducing swelling is a fundamental principle of healing and detoxification. Muscles and tissues stretch and relax. Soreness, aches, and pain diminish noticeably right away - almost as if you feel younger. It is much more relaxing than simply lying down. Reducing swelling is a fundamental principle of healing. Rocking creates a pumping action that increases circulation between spinal discs and other joints, bathing your cells in fresh nutrients. The nervous system recognizes this and sends signals of pleasure, to encourage you to continue. Without motion, you will die; the more motion, the better.
The subtle motion provides better sleep, and less morning stiffness; think of it as an anti-aging therapy. Studies show rocking improves dreams, and reduces overall stress. It cures motion sickness. The mechanism is not fully understood, but it is well proven.
One theory is that rocking puts accumulated toxins into circulation, then sweeps them out - a detoxifying effect. Children rarely have motion sensitivity. Yet it is found in many adults, and it gets worse with age. It is ironic that the thing sufferers avoid is the cure. Fortunately, Omni-Pendulum motion is actually enjoyable! You begin slowly, and increase over 4-8 weeks' time. It has cured sailors this way for centuries, painlessly. Research shows many benefits of Vestibular Motion Therapy. It increases learning, increases communication between the brain hemispheres, and helps balance them. Medical studies show benefits for Autism, ADD, CFS, and many health conditions (increased concentration, attentiveness, learning, balance, body awareness, and more).
An additional benefit is... rocking increases oxygen delivery to the cells. Your body burns food and oxygen to generate electricity to power your muscles and nervous system. Reduced oxygen to the cells results in chronic pain, suffering, and disease. Your cells are starved for oxygen until the lymphatic vessels remove toxins, blood proteins, and water. Rocking promotes this electrochemistry, turns on this "switch," increasing overall health, energy, and alertness. During rocking, lymphatic circulation increases while you are in a relaxed physical, emotional, and mental state. This is a very positive state for healing. Modern life is deficient in motion, which our ancestors got through activity. Motion is life. The right motion makes all the difference.
No other bed has this motion. It feels totally different from all other beds (including waterbeds, etc). This is the most simple, stable, predictable motion, and the only motion suitable for a bed, or for relaxing. Why? It is the only motion that tells your Vestibular System that you are safe to relax. In a waterbed, you bounce up-down-&-around. Or, old-style hanging beds (4 hooks) lurch from side-to-side flatly; you move opposite from the bed's motion, not with it. Either way, you get tossed around unpredictably. Your Vestibular System considers this dangerous, and tells you not to relax. Omni-Pendulum Motion is the best. The bed arcs slowly, gently, smoothly up as it swings, to hold you perfectly in place. You are not tossed around. The arc cradles you, so you move with the bed, almost unaware of the motion. You will not fall out. (Not even if the bed could do a 360° overhead loop!) It is the only "safe" motion, and your mind instantly knows it. Your body automatically relaxes in a way that you will not with any other motion. Everyone has this "ah-ha" experience on The Floating Bed. Even if you do not understand why, you instantly relax more deeply.
Some guests ask, "How can I get one for my life?" It can be purchased, it has to be installed and it takes space. After that, it's all good news. You sleep better, 8 hours a night. And you will feel better every day, for the rest of your life.
The floating bed can be purchased for your home, by calling We Care Spa™ at 800.888.2523, ask for Products.
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