Kefir Starter 6 packets $13.50
What It Is:
To supplement your diet while aiding in digestion; Powdered live culture makes kefir when combined with nut milk, rice milk, soy milk etc., kefir contains all the essential amino acids (complete protein), essential fatty acids (good fats), loaded with residential beneficial bacteria (good bacteria that will colonize) plus vitamins and minerals, great for your immune system, digestion and assimilation and your nervous system

Batch Size: 1 packet makes 1 qt. of kefir
Batches per box: 6
Size / Form: powdered kefir starter
Serving Size:* 1 cup of prepared kefir
* Susana's classes use a different serving size.
Servings per batch: 4
Servings per box: 24
Price: $13.50
Price per batch: $2.25
Price per serving: $0.56