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Top Questions Asked
Our Guests Often Ask us These Questions
Because we have a multi-faceted program, there are a number of question we hear over and over. We have tried to capture these key questions and answer them right up front for you as you explore We Care Spa™.
Q: This is all new to me! How will I know what to do when I am there and also when I return home?
A: The classes are an integral part of the We Care experience. We want you to leave here with a new set of tools to live a healthier lifestyle when you return home. We start you off with a full Orientation Class on your arrival day. Here you learn exactly how to do the cleanse during your stay. That evening, we offer an Opening Circle. This mediation and class is designed to center you in preparation for your week as well as to acquaint you with the classes available to you during your stay. Our weekly classes include teaching you how your body works, healthy cooking classes, how to transition back to eating after the cleanse and many classes designed to enhance your spiritual quest. In addition, we offer a complimentary one-on-one consultation with you prior to your departure.

Drinking A Daily We Care 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS
Is Essential To The Program
Q: Will I be hungry?
A: Until your body switches to "releasing mode", you may feel hunger pangs. You'll find that if you follow the program you will be drinking every 30-60 minutes which satisfies the body's need for intake. The We Care 365 DETOX DRINK PLUS, in particular, will be especially helpful in giving you a feeling of fullness. If you are still hungry, please let us know so we can see if we need to adjust your program. Remember, you are receiving all of the nutrients you need in liquid form during your cleanse.
Q: What if I am on medication or taking supplements?
A: The majority of our guests successfully continue on with their prescribed medication while completing the We Care Spa program. Please consult with your prescribing physician should you have any questions regarding your medication. We ask that you refrain from taking any additional supplements other than listed on the We Care Spa program as our plan has been carefully designed and includes everything you need for a successful cleanse.
Q: Will I lose weight?
A: Our guests lose an average of 1-3 pounds a day – based on individual metabolism. Men often lose more quickly. The program is not designed for weight loss but the release of toxic waste and the effect on your metabolism positively affects weight loss.

You Will Receive A Nutritious Salad
For Your Departure
Q: What should I do about breaking the fast on my trip home?
A: We Care Spa prepares a nutritious green salad for you to take on the plane or to eat prior to departure. Should you require additional food for your journey, we recommend Clark's Nutrition or Nature’s Health Food & Cafe.
Q: What results can I expect from a week at We Care Spa?
A: Commonly reported results upon departure from We Care include increased energy and vitality, increased clarity and alertness, clearer skin an brighter eyes. You will have a vibrant look with bright eyes and improved skin tone. Your sleep will improve. Many of our guests eliminate their dependencies on caffeine, sugar, nicotine and other substances.
Q: How can I continue to feel great when I return home?
A: We recommend that you continue your good health habits by taking home some of our We Care 365 solutions. Our We Care 365 NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS package will help you by replacing one solid meal a day with a liquid one for amazing energy. Our We Care 365 DIGESTIVE SOLUTIONS will support your digestive system and keep you healthy. Please feel free to call us with questions at any time! We will be calling you to follow up and to offer encouragement and support. We hope to make We Care Spa a part of your life year round!
Q: How should I plan a return visit to We Care Spa?
A: The vast majority of our guests (over 80%) return to We Care. Because of this, we have a special offer for you. Simply leave your deposit of $299 for your next stay when you check out and you will lock in our discounted Advanced Booking Rate for your next visit. Many of guests book their next stay prior to leaving to secure the perfect week and room preference prior to departure. We highly recommend that you do this as we tend to book up approximately three months in advance, and as many of you already know, it can be difficult to secure a reservation within several months of your desired arrival. Don't be disappointed when you call – pre-book your room before you leave!

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