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The ancient Labyrinth represents humankind's search for the core of Divinity.
Welcome to the Magical World of Labyrinths, the Universal Symbol of Transformation. The labyrinth was created in ancient times to represent humankind's search for the core of divinity. The pattern is an archetypal form found all over the world. It dates back thousands of years. No one knows who created the original labyrinth form, but we do know from experience that embedded within each design is a pattern that guides us to our deepest inner being. Whether walked or traced in sand, the labyrinth pattern is a powerful tool for reflection, invocation, meditation, healing, detoxifying body/mind/spirit and bringing calm and a deeper knowledge of the Self.
"Unlike a maze whose intent it is to get us lost, the labyrinth is designed to get us found." - Unknown
Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has one linear path - that starts from the outer edge, moves into the heart or centre, and then back out again. It's a three part process. Through the act of trusting the path, of giving up conscious control of how things should go and being receptive to our inner state, we can be opened up to a whole new world. It seems that through the beautiful flow of their sacred patterns, labyrinths help us ground ourselves. Some people experience a state of timelessness and find this type of surrender particularly relaxing and refreshing.
We Care Spa built a sacred Labyrinth over 25 years ago because of its healing and detoxifying properties and the profound place it holds in a process where detoxifying happens on 3 levels; Body Mind and Spirit. This is the holistic way of healing the WHOLE BEING...
Our Labyrinth holds many sacred memories; many of the stone or rocks were created in the early years by guests who learned to express their creativity (and free their spirits) by learning to make mosaic art. You'll see these colorful parts as you walk the path towards the center.
Many We Care Spa healers over the 25+ years since it began, have taught guests how to walk the labyrinth releasing old self-limiting beliefs and ideas..
In medieval times, the labyrinth became the symbol of the spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem not exclusive to any one religious order but to all of them whose center resided there. This focused walk to the centre of the city was used for contemplation of those questions that they needed to answer or resolve. The answers were expected to come once they had reached their temple in the Holy City of God. After several days of rest, recuperation and preparation, they would make their journey back again bringing a mindful perspective on how they would now implement their discoveries or realizations into their life, their family, their village, and their people.
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