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A Day Juice Fasting, Losing Weight, and Detoxifying at We Care Spa
Your Day is Filled with lots of Choices
You awaken to the sound of birds singing their hearts out; step out onto your patio in your We Care Spa™ robe and deeply breathe in the clean desert air as your eyes adjust to the unbelievably clear blue sky with the mountains as a skyline.
Your day is filled with lots of choices: what you'll drink and when, what spa and healer treatments you'll experience, what equipment you'll use and when, which classes you'll attend, which healing installations on the property you want to explore and what outside activities you want to take in. What our guests tell us is that their days are full - filled with activities that all support their detoxification and personal quest to look good and feel better.
And here's the thing - we have a trained staff of We Care Spa Guest Service Coordinators, Educators and Therapists whose goal it is to help you create what you need to detoxify; an active experience filled program or a laid back meditative stay. The We Care Spa program is all about creating the right program for you.
So from start to finish here is a sample of a A Day at We Care Spa:*
Wake-up... what a beautiful day!
Drink a cup of lemon mint water with some We Care 365 FOOD-N-ZYMES.
Begin your peaceful morning by experiencing the sunrise while you meditate amongst the mountain and desert scenery.
You are ready for some energy: Go to the self-service juice bar and mix a mug of We Care 365 GREEN FOOD, and drink it up!
Stretch, breathe, and balance your energy with a profound yoga class to start your day.
Drink a detox drink and take a We Care 365 REGULATOR PLUS.
Shake up your lymphatic system with 10 minutes on the VibraTrim machine, to help prepare you for your colonic.
Time for the first treatment of the day... let's begin with a Digestive Release massage and a Colonic enhanced by Activated Air. Don't forget your We Care 365 DAILY PROBIOTIC after your colonic!
Drink a freshly squeezed, organic, green vegetable juice. YUM!
Attend a Master Class - The We Care Philosophy: 7 Steps to Rejuvenation and Health - while sipping on a cup of We Care 365 BLOOD PURIFIER tea.
Relax and lounge by the pool, take in some sun surrounded by the peacefulness of the desert as you sip on lemon mint water.
Lay on the Swing Machine and as the session ends, you feel that tingly feeling all over your body; your cells are rejuvenating as you rest.
Have your second detox drink.
Savor a cup of We Care 365 LIVER KIDNEY tea.
"AHHHHH,"... attend the Transformational Fire Ceremony and, as the ceremony begins, you think, "What a beautiful and sacred space created for me to get in tune with my inner peace!"
Come back inside to enjoy a wonderful cup of hot soup. YUM! YUM! This is worth waiting for.
Yes... it is time for your 90 minute evening massage! (Why couldn't life be like this every day?)
Take a dose of Aloe Vera juice, as recommended by your Colon Therapist, for an even better release tomorrow.
Just when you thought it was over... to your surprise, you still get to take a hot detox bath in your room - bring a drink with you... and when you are finished, you roll over and plop into bed. As you slip into deep REM sleep, you think, "What a piece of heaven!" Sweet dreams and looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow.
* For a thorough explanation of all the activities and options to maximize your stay while at We Care Spa check out Maximizing your Stay and explore the Grounds.

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