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Accelerating the Detox
How You Can Increase Your Detox
Book Treatments:
Treatments are customized to have a profound effect on the nervous system, skin, lymphatic & circulatory systems, liver, kidneys and intestines.
Scrubs & Wraps: May benefit your detox by opening and extracting toxic waste through the pores of the skin.
Massages: Not only relax and calm you but may powerfully stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems while opening the muscle and tissue, allowing you to release lactic acids which cause inflammation and pain.
Well-Being Treatments: May work deeply to affect the vital organs like the nervous system, the liver and the kidneys.
Facials: May relax you and flush waste.
Treatments for the Spirit: Our practitioners can assist you to free yourself from self-limiting patterns in which we get stuck.
Colonics: Are critical to flushing out the toxic waste being dumped into your colon from all of the organs of elimination. We explain the use of colonics and speeding up your detoxification process further down this page.
By planning your treatments in advance with a Guest Service Coordinator, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the full program from the day you arrive!
Attend Classes:
Part of getting and staying healthy is looking at the choices you are now making and understanding the choices you can and need to make in your lifestyle. The classes at We Care Spa may seem like "a nice addition to a detox experience" but they are as critically important to your overall well being as the fasting and cleansing program itself.
Use the Specialized Equipment:
We Care Spa has specialized equipment all over the facility because we know that exercise is a sure way to accelerate your circulatory system and lymphatic system (which relies on exercise to move the fluid throughout your body) in order to more quickly carry toxic waste to the intestines, to be flushed out during your colonics.
Enjoy the Healing Installations:
When you are detoxing at We Care Spa, it is your time. These unique installations are designed to detoxify your spirit, a critical piece of achieving holistic health. These address the SPIRIT in balancing BODY MIND SPIRIT.
Why We Use Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) To Gently Speed Up Your Natural Detoxification Process
The We Care Spa™ program of juice fasting and liquid nutrition is a sure way for you to soak, loosen and even dissolve toxins found in your 5 organs of detoxification and elimination; your liver, kidneys, gall bladder, the large intestine and even the skin.
Here's how that works: when you stop chewing and digesting solid foods you free up a tremendous amount of energy and that energy can be used by your 5 organs of elimination so they can effectively get rid of toxic waste. At We Care Spa the cleansing process is accelerated by colon hydrotherapy (called a colonic). Colonics are a safe, effective way of softening, dislodging and releasing the debris that has been dumped into your colon.
A Colonic is a Clinical Detoxification Procedure

Colon Hydrotherapist
This is a clinical procedure and we put you in the hands of an experienced colon hydrotherapist. She puts you on a comfortable massage table, and after you have undressed from the waist down you're covered by a sheet and asked to roll to your side.
Now your therapist selects a disposable sealed speculum and tube. A very small portion of the tip of the speculum is gently inserted into your rectum with very little discomfort. Now she carefully regulates the flow of purified water into your rectum and your colon. She is doing this to detoxify and wash out accumulated debris from your large intestine.
The procedure is not painful to you, but if you have toxic gas you may occasionally feel some discomfort when it is released. This is a closed system, very clinical with no mess and no unpleasant odor.
Some more forward thinking members of the medical community are recognizing colon hydrotherapy used in the detoxification process as the ONLY way to fully remove toxic debris and are particularly interested in it's effectiveness in correcting chronic constipation.
A Colonic Every Day While You Are Juice Fasting Is Optimal For Maximum Detoxification
There are a number of colonics included in your package. This is based on the number of days you stay at We Care Spa. These will give you a good cleansing experience. If you want to optimize your experience we suggest a colonic is administered every day of your stay. Assuming that you followed the pre-fast instructions deleting dairy, animal fats and animal protein, starches and all white flour products from your diet for several days prior to arrival, you will be ready the day you arrive to receive your first colonic. We do suggest you add a colonic to your treatment schedule on the day you arrive and depart.
After you complete our fasting and cleansing program, years and years of toxic waste will have been cleaned out of your body. Your intestines can now do what they were designed to do; assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste normally and quickly. This stops the bloating, tiredness and constipation a lot of people experience as part of their everyday life.
Here's what We Care Spa guests say about colonics:
"Before I came to We Care Spa I hated the thought of the colonics, it was the one thing I worried about. But I had heard such stories from my friends about how great they were and how amazing you feel afterwards that I decided to try one. After all they came with the package, right? The first one I had was with a wonderful woman named Tina. She’d been working at We Care Spa for 12 years and was so accomplished and gentle and she educated me about every step of the procedure. I could not believe what came out of me - talk about toxins! Afterwards I said to myself... that was no big deal and it was so worth it." - Jane, Houston
"The colonics at We Care Spa are one of my favorite parts of the program. I feel lighter and cleaner and I always lose weight." - Beverly, Chicago
Juice Fasting Is Important For Effective Detoxification... Here's Why...

Inflamed Joints, Constipation Means Toxicity
At We Care Spa, we understand body chemistry. In Susana's classes she speaks about it this way, "Our body is a beautifully engineered machine designed to accommodate trillions of cells being born every day and trillions of cells dying, these cells take in nutrients and release waste which is filtered through the 5 organs of elimination."
"This machine, when operating in a normal state, performs these functions effortlessly. But we live in an environment where the food we eat, the air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the water we drink, are tainted by toxins. This affects us in profound ways."
"We are deeply affected because we are unable to receive nutrition and release waste as our body was designed to do, we are not able to absorb and think positive thoughts, which impairs us mentally and we are impacted psychically by old patterns of thinking and feeling," says Susan Belen. "Because of this we are thrown into a state of imbalance. The We Care Spa Program is designed to bring you back into balance on every level - BODY, MIND and SPIRIT."
Juice Fasting And All-Liquid Nutrition To Balance Your System
The bottom line is that our body gets out-of-balance and that starts when we can no longer effectively take in nutrients and release waste efficiently. How do you know this is happening to you? Here's how: you are eating enough but are still tired or bloated and you are constipated.
One of the main reasons for this unhealthy cycle is that our diet can become filled with processed foods. Because these are foods filled with additives, preservatives and empty calories your body not only has difficulty getting nutrition from these foods but all those additives are actually toxic (poisonous) Your body not only process these toxins and eliminate these toxins but they accumulate in your fat cells and tissue and your liver, kidneys, gall bladder, intestines and skin can't eliminate them. The toxic build up has long lasting and negative effect on your health.
Here are symptoms that show you are toxic:
  • Joint paint - accumulation of fluids
  • Weight gain / bloating
  • Dull / aging skin (the mirror to your health)
  • Low or inconsistent physical energy (feeling sluggish)
  • Low mental energy (feeling mentally foggy)
  • Frequent colds / allergy - asthma attacks
  • Digestive problems - toxic gas
  • Restless sleep
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • General fatigue and malaise
Juice Fasting Soaks And Gently Loosens Toxins

An All-Liquid Diet Nourishes You
The We Care Spa Program gives you an all-liquid diet over the length of your stay. You'll be drinking a combination of juices, alkaline lemon water, nutritional supplements, and powdered plant concentrates made into juices. These liquids nourish you and begin to soften and dissolve the toxins which are accumulated throughout the body. Once they are softened we accelerate the release of the toxins through
the use of colon hydrotherapy (called colonic) which is a safe, effective measure for softening, dislodging and releasing debris from the colon (the garbage dump of the body).
The We Care Spa Detox Is So Powerful That 85% Of Our Guests Return
We are very proud that the We Care Spa Program and liquid diet were one of the first ones available over 25 years ago and we know just how well it works because of two decades of highly satisfied high-profile guests. In fact, over 85% of our guests return on a regular basis.
The most important thing about a liquid fast is that you free up energy normally required for the digestion and assimilation of solid foods. This energy is now available to break down and eliminate toxic waste.
Of course the treatments, the healer's private sessions (which are all available to add to your package) all speed up the process for you while you are here. They stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems, relax you and reset your nervous system. The end result is to change the way you look and feel.
On day 3, we call it the turning point of the fast, our guests start to feel and look great. They are clearer, have more energy and feel revitalized.
"By the end of the fast, I could not believe how much clearer and cleaner I felt. It was as if my entire system worked better. I was astounded that I could thrive on so few calories and feel this good... and the pain in my joints went away. How could I not continue fasting at home as Susana recommends?" - Sandra, Chicago
"Fasting is something I do every other week. I learned at We Care Spa how easy it is. Of course I use the Detox Powder and Fiber Regulators to do it, makes it so easy to keep that healthy feeling at home." - Randy, Kansas City

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