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About Us
We Understand Your Need To Detox From Everyday Life
Between the stresses of everyday life (deadlines, relationships, and life struggles) and the impurities found in processed foods, we know your body is full of toxins and your mind is full of tension. We Care Spa™ is a holistic detoxification spa in Desert Hot Springs, California. WCS is internationally renowned and respected. You could say we have been leading the movement of juice fasting and colonics to detox the body, the mind and the spirit for over 25 years...

Our Detox Desert Oasis
Our peaceful, intimate desert oasis comes complete with panoramic mountain views.
You'll hear lots more about our juice fasting and colonic/cleansing program as you review the menu links of this website, but we thought we'd give you a little information about who we are and what created our detoxification spa so long ago.
The notion of fasting in the desert as a means to physical and mental clarity has been a spiritual one since the beginning of time, and while We Care Spa has been in business since 1986, the detoxification spa center has exploded into a popular hot spot for overworked corporate America, media executives, models, musicians, actors, and the spiritually-minded and health-conscious around the globe. All of them are looking for weight loss and anti-aging as they choose regular detoxification as a way of life.
Our Program Was Carefully Designed
The plan, which has received support from many medical doctors, was developed by We Care Spa founder/nutrition expert Susana (Lombardi) Belen and her partner/daughter Susan Lombardi. The We Care Detoxification Spa program was carefully designed and developed after years of study, and Susana continues to be inspired by leading holistic health practitioners, authors and speakers; people like Bernard Jensen, Edgar Casey, Dr. Mick Hall, James Allen, Kevin Trudeau, John Robbins, Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D., Dr. Gary Young to name a few.

Juice Fasting Liquid Nutrition
The We Care Spa philosophy is a detoxification, fasting and revitalizing one that replenishes and energizes everyone. Susy Lombardi explains that by vegetable juice fasting and not eating solid foods during the program (hourly drinks are meant to feed your cells, kidneys, liver, blood levels, heart and support digestion) you free up enough energy to begin purifying and cleansing your system. "Food is full of
preservatives, coloring, and additives that accumulate in the fat cells and in the tissue and affect the system. We are not made to digest them and after years of ingesting them, people become sluggish and tired. We Care focuses on detoxification cleaning those toxins out of the system."
Another vital part of the detoxification program includes colonics, a way to eliminate waste from the colon. "With all of those toxins in your body, you will feel sick if you don't detoxify," says Susana Belen. Carefully designed therapeutic spa treatments – all of which function to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate dead skin cells, and open pores in order to promote detoxification through sweat – add to the mix, along with specialized equipment and healing installations (like the medicine wheel and the labyrinth) to ease We Care Spa guests through their juice fasting and all-liquid nutrition diet.
It is the synergistic action of every part of the detoxification program working together that makes the juice fasting and cleansing program so valuable. "It all compliments each other and you get great results – fast," the mother daughter team say, "In five days, the We Care Spa detoxification program can change your life. The juice fasting and cleansing may be physical, but the results are much more penetrative and profound." People may come to We Care Spa to detoxify, fast, cleanse, get healthier or lose weight, but they leave with a renewed sense of energy and an understanding of how to take care of themselves in a better way.
About the We Care Detoxification Spa Owners

Susana Belen, Founder;
Susan Lombardi, Co-Owner/Vice President
We Care Spa was first created by Argentinean-born Susana (Lombardi) Belen, whose life as a housewife became a stress pit twenty years ago, when she divorced her husband and had to figure out a way to support four children – and learn to speak the English language. Her anxiety, anger, and sadness led her to seek the help of a holistic chiropractor, who administered a detox program including juice fasting and colonics and this put Susana on a strict regimen of natural juices and teas.
At the time, Susana, who came from an overweight family, was the type who ate steak everyday. Healthy living was not a part of her vocabulary – or the culture she emerged from. But after two weeks of following her doctor's orders, she found a new sense of calm. With that, a new way of life was born. "The transformation was drastic. I thought to myself, 'There is something magical about this juice fasting colonics and detoxification' and I had to find out more," she says.
So she digested as many books on health, wellness, nutrition, and holistic health care as she could. She practiced yoga for the first time. She began to meditate. Soon, she found herself so knowledgeable that she started teaching classes about detoxification and natural and holistic health, the benefits of juice fasting and a vegetarian diet, and herbs to friends in their homes.
The more she read, the more she learned. And the more she learned, the more she shared. She received letters from people who thought she had a natural gift. And before she knew it, she was opening a center where she could promote her message of holistic health and teach yoga, stretching, vegetarian cooking, and breathing exercises.

We Care Detoxification
Spa Architecture
But the construction of her retreat left her feeling stressed out and sick. "Dealing with the pressure of the actual building, the deadlines, and the contracts put me in a pre-cancerous condition I needed to detoxify and FAST," she recalls. So she visited a healing clinic in Mexico, run by a naturopath, who specialized in detoxification and cancer treatment. The juice fasting all liquid-diet plan she followed restored her health and out of that experience was born the carefully and uniquely designed We Care Spa detoxification program of juice fasting and liquid nutrition, colonic hydrotherapy, therapeutic treatments accented by classes and healing modalities. It was her belief in the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT balance that became We Care Spa's signature. "As I became well, my passion to support those who have no idea how to heal themselves grew. I had to pass it on," Lombardi says.
That was in 1986 and 2 years later Susana was joined by her daughter, Susan Lombardi, a NYC business woman leading a toxic pressure-packed life, who came to visit We Care Spa and found the juice fasting detoxification program changed her life. Susy (as she is called) agreed to join her Mom as the business end of We Care Spa. The way she puts this transition: "After living the toxic fast-paced life in New York City and Europe, it finally dawned on me that my job didn’t fulfill me or make me feel great. I realized what was important – my health – and became a part of We Care Spa to reach out with our message of detoxification to other people."
With Mother and Daughter as a complimentary team the juice fasting detoxification program grew, homecare detox products were developed and the detoxification spa treatments expanded to accelerate and enhance the fasting and cleansing program. Celebrities caught on. And We Care Spa expanded their detoxification with weight loss and anti-aging to new levels. Women in California found they could take a short drive to Palm Springs for a weekend tune-up and experience dramatic results.
What's in the cards for the future for We Care Spa?... Finding better and more effective ways to take juice fasting and detoxification to a new level, anti-aging and weight loss continue to interest them and importantly, to serve the guests who have loyally supported WCS, to detox new people as everyday our world becomes more and more toxic and to create a caring net at home 365 days a year for those who come to We Care Spa to detoxify and get healthy.
To learn more, please contact info@wecarespa.com.

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